Consultancy Services for the Verification of a Proposal to Replace Kafu Bridge with a Raised Embankment and Culvert System


Consultancy Services for the Verification of a Proposal to Replace Kafu Bridge with a Raised Embankment and Culvert System



Project Location within Country:

Busunju – Kiboga

Professional Staff Provided by your Company:

Assistant Team Leader, Hydrologist and Environmentalist

Name of Client:

Ministry of Works, Housing and Communications/Road Agency Formation Unit

No. of staff:


Address of Client:

Plot H Yusuf Lule Road, P.O. Box 28487, Kampala

Duration of Assignment:

3 Months

Start Date (month / year)

July 2006

Completion Date (month / year)

December 2006

Approx. Value of Services / Financing Agency:

Ushs. 119 million

Names of Associated Firm(s) if any:


No. of Man-Months of Professional Staff Provided by Associated Firm(s):


Positions of senior staff involved:

  • David Robinson – Team Leader
  • PJ Ludigo – Assistant Team Leader
  • C. Koojo - Environmentalist
  • L. Yiga – Hydrologist

Detailed Description of Actual Services provided by your company:

(i) Review the original design proposal by Renardet contained in their Review and Update of the Feasibility Study and Detailed Engineering Design of Busunju-Kiboga-Hoima Road Volume 2 dated March 1999 for Alternative 3: Raised Road Embankment with Culverts and Embankment Protection. Include any appropriate sections from the BCEOM Design Review for Contract RDP/HW/CS006 Volume 1: Main Report dated March 2001 concerning the proposal to build Kafu Bridge;
(ii) Review a) The location of an optimum position for the embankment between approximately Km 124 and Km 125 and calculate height and alignment;
b) The hydrology and embankment structure for the following design floods:
- 25 years;
- 50 years.
c) The hydraulics of the culvert system based on the following alternatives: - R.C. Box culverts; - “Armco” flexible steel culverts. (iii) Prepare an Environmental Impact Statement for the new proposals based on the previous work of BCEOM.
(iv) Based on the tendered rates of Stirling for earthworks and reinforced concrete prepare an estimate of costs.
(v) Prepare new estimates for those items not included in the rates of Stirling.
(vi) On approval by RAFU, Complete the detailed design and final cost estimates.
(vii) On approval to proceed by RAFU, negotiate with Stirling to obtain the best price and on the basis that this proposal will be in effect “a stand-alone” project that must be completed within an approved time-for completion to be nominated in the report and agreed by RAFU.
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