Supervision of the Re-Construction of Jinja - Bugiri Road

Project Name:




Project Location within Country:

Central Region

Professional Staff Provided by our Company:

Deputy Resident Engineer/Measurement Engineer, Public Health Specialist, Environmentalist, Senior Surveyor, and all 11 support staff (inspectors, laboratory technicians, CAD technician, survey assistants and Administrative staff)

Name of Client:

Ministry of Works, Housing and Communications/Road Agency Formation Unit

No. of staff:


Address of Client:

Plot H Yusuf Lule Road, P.O. Box 28487, Kampala

No. of Man - Months:


Start Date (month/year)

19th January 2004

Completion Date (month/year)

Still on-going

Approx. Value of Services/Financing Agency:

UG Shs. 3,351,544,867 (Including 17% VAT), financed by EU

Names of Associated Firm(s) if any:

BCEOM French Engineering Consultants

No. of Man-Months of Professional Staff Provided by Associated Firm(s):


Positions of senior staff involved:

Resident Engineer – Jacques Lafitte Materials Engineer Deputy Resident Engineer/Measurement Engineer – Gerald Musoke Public Health Specialist – Freddie P Ssengooba Environmentalist – Moses Kagoda Surveyor – John Kamau

Detailed Narrative Description of Project:

Project involves the Reconstruction and strengthening of the entire 76 km of Jinja-Bugiri road. The road is to be widened in some sections and a bypass will to be constructed at Magamaga. The pavement is to be constituted either as an overlay surfacing, which will involve repairing the existing pavement by laying a geogrid fabric followed by 125-150mm of DBM and 35mm of Asphalt Concrete. In other sections the existing pavement is to be base layer is to be recycled, stabilised and laid as the Subbase. A 175 mm crushed stone base is then to be laid over the subbase followed by a prime coat, 150 mm DBM and 35mm Asphalt Concrete.

Detailed Description of Actual Services provided by our Company:

  • General contract administration, measurement and certification of works for payment, cost control and preparation of Variation Orders
  • Monitoring the Public health issues on the project
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Supervision of the Civil works
  • Guiding the setting out of works and controlling levels on the project
  • Checking the quality of works and materials to be incorporated in the permanent works

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