Traffic Counts on the National Road Network
  • Planning and execution of classified traffic counts on the entire national road network, other than in Central Uganda
  • Analysis of the traffic count data to produce average daily traffic values and factoring these values to obtain annual average daily traffic values
  • Studying the entire road network to propose the most appropriate locations for continuos traffic monitoring
  • Developing the traffic count manuals for future traffic count exercises on the entire road network
The Uganda Road Agency Study
  • Undertaking of a comprehensive rhythm of the existing road management functions in Uganda, highlighting the actual and potential weakness with these arrangements
  • Offering a range of options to strengthen the road management functions in Uganda
  • Recommending Institutional structures functions and interactions to improve road management in the country
  • Defining the objectives of the proposed road agency, the residual role of MOWHC, MOF, Local governments and other organisations involved in managing the financial roles.
  • Defining the functions and responsibilities of each institution
  • Defining the institutional framework with a clear definition of objectives, functions, accountabilities and responsibilities
  • Making recommendations on how the Road Management Institution should be funded
  • Highlighting the legal implications of implementing the proposed institutional changes
Study for Domestic and Livestock Water Supply in Isingiro and Bukanga Counties
The aim of the study is to formulate a plan for domestic and water supply in Isingiro and Bukanga counties in Mbarara district
Feasibility Study and Design of Kampala Northern Bypass
  • A review of and any necessary revisions of traffic forecasts
  • An assessment of the relevance of the proposed by-pass to address the problems identified in the economic and social sectors and any additional problems arising in the transport demand sectors.
  • A detailed analysis of the technical economic and financial, institutional and management, environmental and socio cultural feasibility of the proposed project.
  • A detailed analysis of the potential sustainability of the project results.
  • A detailed plan, which specifies indicators of project objectives, results and activities and incorporates required resources.
  • A detailed identification of properties to be expropriated
  • Identification of public buildings to be relocated, together with the necessary technical design and the tender for documents
  • A detailed engineering design, technical specification and tender documents for physical works and supervision.
  • Evaluation of tenders from contractors responding to the tender documents.
Feasibility Study on Strengthening and Improvement of the Northern Corridor
The project involved improvement and strengthening of Kampala-Masaka-Mbarara-Kabale-Katuna road.
Support to District Networks
  • The project involved rehabilitation and maintenance of feeder (district) roads
  • Spot Repairs Of Classified Roads
  • Promotion Of Labour Based Methods For Implementation
  • Financial Management Capacity Building
Resealing and Rehabilitation of Kafu – Karuma Road
The works originally involved the rehabilitation and resealing of the existing 92Km two - lane single carriage-way class I bitumen road from Kafu to Karuma. The works principally included minor pothole repair and resealing of approximately 69Km and reconstruction of approximately 23km of road.
Rural Accessibility Improvement Project
Aimed at development of the project concept document analysing the present situation of rural accessibility; identifying and prioritising the key transport flow constraints associated with rural travel and transport; formulation of technically sound, financially affordable, environmentally friendly and socially acceptable technical solutions given the existing socio-political and legislative policy context.
Claims Evaluation Of Kampala Entebbe Road
The works involved the improvement of the existing 2 Lane single carriage-way class 1 bitumen road to a 4 lane dual carriageway road of 4.9Km of Kampala Entebbe road from Kibuye round about to Zana.
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